A welcoming smile on your daily journey

With the rhythm of train travel

Kiosk is the oldest retail format exploited by the Dutch Railways on their train stations across the country. It had been inseparably connected to train commuting for more than 50 years. Part of the daily routine of millions of travellers, but in recent years becoming less relevant and not

up to the increasing competition on the new train stations. We helped Kiosk refocus on the consumer needs and developed a brand identity and new store format. Putting people back in the middle of the store and giving customers a welcoming smile along their daily journey.

Connected to a great history

A train platform can be a lonely and cold place despite the crowd. The dimensions and exterior of the kiosk on the platform are a given. Kiosk needed to upgrade their quality performance to compete with the high-end coffee specialists and to go formats of supermarkets. The quality shift needs a

surrounding to support this and people to perform. We wanted to put the people of Kiosk back in the centre of the store together with the core offer; coffee and bakery. A human face as a beacon. Facilitating personal contact and so assurance on a quick delivery of the goods.

Life is a coffee and a croissant

The store format is a revolutionary change to the old delivery and we wanted to reflect this change in the identity. Kiosk is a strong name with plenty of heritage and positive associations. Friendly, approachable and easy to understand.

We connected it to the great visual heritage of advertising in the 30’s, with its stylish and bold lineplay, reflecting the heydays of train travel into the contemprary context.

‘A time when train travel was an exciting experience, enabling people to step over the border of their own world.’

1927, Cassandre

Travellers visit a KIOSK every day
Improvement customer satisfaction first three Months
In coffee on stations
Reduction in building cost

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