A makeover for the best drugstore

Time for a makeover

Etos (AholdDelhaize) is a leading drugstore chain with more than 550 stores in the Netherlands. It is considered the best and most reliable. In the last years it failed to position itself clearly enough to face the increased competition from supermarkets, online and new entries. It lacked a clear

identity, stores were cost engineered and lacked quality appeal and had a ‘me too’ private label range. To facilitate growth and reclaim its rightful quality position in the mainstream market it was time for a true makeover.

Reclaim heritage

We took the fact the Etos is the oldest drugstore in the Netherlands (since 1919) as a starting point to claim their quality position in the market. The original Etos logo from 1919 was revisited and redrawn to claim heritage. This is the basis to create a vibrant and confident personality through a

new visual style, instore and exterior overhaul and communication campaigns. We also created a new private label strategy and packaging concept as living proof of their commitment to quality in Health, Beauty and Everyday Care.

We love it!

The new concept is so successful that Etos has won ‘Best Drugstore’ two years running and the new private label ranges are the most blogged own brand products in the Netherlands. They are considered the most innovative drugstore and, more importantly, turnover has started to

grow again in this highly competitive market. Etos is now being introduced into several foreign markets as a ‘Venture Brand’ at AholdDelhaize supermarkets. And we keep on innovating.

‘Heritage with a vibrant personality.’

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