AH More than pasta


More than pasta

Changing the market

Albert Heijn legume pasta and rice is a new generation pasta. Legumes in a pasta jacket, a trend from the vegan corner, has been made accessible by VBAT for everyone who eats responsibly and consciously.

It meets the increasing need for healthy food that is tasty and ready to be served relatively quickly. This new unique proposition deserves a unique packaging design!

Graceful minimalism

The packaging concept uses elements that you would normally not find within Private Label design. With a remarkably minimalist design we have moved far away from existing category clichés. Take the die-cut window in the shape of a legume. This window is adapted for

each pasta variant to the legume from which it is made. The graceful synergy between illustration and typography created by incorporating the growth of the legume plant in the lettering is also special. As is its serene, virgin white packaging that feels silky soft.

Unique in character

With this refreshing, accessible and tasty-looking packaging, legume pasta and rice are now the responsible alternative to less healthy options who are ‘oh so tasty’, but do nothing for your daily requirement of vegetables.

We have given the packaging an attractive playfulness that is simultaneously tight and radiates quality. Making it attractive to anyone who wants to try something new.

‘This is the Albert Heijn project that VBAT can be extremely proud of. The perfect fit between 2D and 3D design. Perfectly executed and therefore justifiably multi award winning. Health-conscious customers are eager to find this product on the shelf!’

Jeroen Provoost, Director Design & Brand Albert Heijn

More protein
Less carbohydrates

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