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East meets west

Straightforward approach

Facing enormous growth within the Asian kitchen, there is a need for a more straightforward product presentation as well as culinary inspiration to be found on shelf. It is the mass market that shops at Albert Heijn. People from diverse target groups, with the common denominator being they are keen on quality, reliability, wide variety

and a good price-quality balance. In these Asian packed meal kits, we target a more conservative group that wants to be inspired but finds it hard to decide what to cook every day of the week. They love Asian food although they do not know exactly what specific kitchen they prefer.

Colourful assortment

We were challenged to clearly present Asian kitchen in a Dutch and accessible way yet differentiate between specific kitchens such as Thai or Indonesian. With one strong A-brand as competition we had to give a solid alternative answer to the need of Dutch consumers. We created a strong brand imprint by claiming a dominant and disruptive colour.

The aqua green background has a recognisable link with the old packaging line and is reinforced to such an extent that this line assumes a dominant position on the shelf. This colour promises to generate traffic and brand loyalty. In the design we used the structure of rice bags for detailing.


Last but not least an eye for detail is presented by the hand-crafted illustrations that indirectly give a touch of Asian culture. At the same time these illustrations guide you through the assortment to guarantee a good mix and match of Asian kitchens.

The scuffed background combined with the ownable illustrations reveal an exotic world that is not ours yet accessible. The colourful surfaces, stars and styling of all elements result in a happy Asian meal.

‘VBAT ensured Albert Heijn’s many Asian products form a strong identity on shelf through a powerful design. Even at home, these products provide a quality boost in everyone’s kitchen cupboard.’

Jeroen Provoost, Director Design & Brand Albert Heijn

Distinctive style
Asian kitchens
Kroepoek according to Dutch consumers

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