The understated elegance of pure water

Iconic efficiency

Sometimes even market leaders overextend themselves, their pure enthusiasm for innovation is so great that their design loses its impact. In the past Dutch market leader Sourcy had introduced one beautiful bottle design after another. Not only were these new bottles expensive to

produce and introduce, but they eventually cluttered the brand’s image. Sourcy turned to VBAT to create one iconic bottle that perfectly reflected the brand’s core values. A bottle that felt as much at home in a Michelin star restaurant as it did in a pop-up foodie shop

Blending in

Sourcy is a giant in Dutch horeca, as much a part of the Dutch dining-out ritual as forks and knives. This didn’t make our job any easier though. Plus, the brief created pretty tight contours. The new bottle design had to be suitable for both

carbonated and still water, and it had to respect current market colour codes of red (carbonated) and blue (still). Moreover, the new bottle had fit into Sourcy’s existing standard bottling lines.

Strip it

Building off the brand tagline ‘Sourcy Pure Dutch’, we stripped the new bottle down to its iconic essence. We uncluttered the label and introduced a deep-set lens symbolising the purity of water. The lens also doubles as an

understated podium for the brand’s lion crest. We even introduced ‘high shoulders’ to reflect the brand’s market-leading pride. A pure design solution for the purest of products.

Sourcy Pure Dutch goes back to the essence, iconic without fuss, elegant yet understated. Pure Dutch design.

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