An ode to the House of Brand

Changing the market

Whilst a well-known name in the Netherlands, Brand has always been a regional player in a land of giants, caught between mass beer brands and the rising niche of microbreweries. Faced with market irrelevancy, Brand made the conscious choice to adapt to the changing market. By

building on the rich culinary and cultural legacies of the province of Limburg, we helped them hard shift back to relevancy by moving beyond a single-product brand to a House of Brand.

Respecting the essence

Operating from the beautiful southern town of Wylre in the country’s oldest continuously running brewery, Brand claims a brewing culture that dates back to 1340. The challenge was integrating this heritage with an entirely new way of thinking, building on the region’s openness, honesty and hospitality. VBAT began by completely deconstructing the brand,

stripping it back to its original identity and essence. This meant removing all excess and glamour from its current style, rethinking its brand colours and even reinventing its bottle. Returning to Brand’s original wordmark, reintroduced with asymmetrically balanced typography, and credentials that stake claim to Brand’s age-old brewing mastery.

Unique in character

The rich illustrative style and flat colour palette were purposely designed to function as a framework. Which is to say, not a single product label, but a system for a House of Brand. With the House of Brand’s ever-changing portfolio of collaborative beers and competitions, the new identity

needed to be both simple and flexible enough to accommodate this daring and open-minded strategy. The new identity was designed to capture each new beer’s individual character. True to the nature of every great brewmaster, the product is the hero, not just the brand.

‘A radical step from the previous identity, setting a new standard for HNV.’

Marc Scholten, The Heineken Company

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