Proudly celebrating Amsterdam’s diversity

EuroPride appoints Amsterdam

Each year EuroPride, the momentous two week cultural festival dedicated to stimulating and celebrating acceptance of the LGBT community, appoints a different European city as host. In 2016, Amsterdam earned the honour. Invited to create a unique visual identity and campaign for the event, VBAT’s challenge was immediate and clear: to position Amsterdam as both the capital of Europe’s LGBT community

and as a longstanding and relentless champion of individual freedom to love and be loved by whomever, wherever. As an Amsterdam headquartered agency with a longstanding relationship with the Amsterdam Gay Pride Foundation, VBAT has long been a prominent proponent of sexual diversity.

Creating an iconic identity

Central to our EuroPride 2016 identity, we reinterpreted Amsterdam’s most iconic symbol – three Saint Andrew's Crosses, taken from the city’s coat of arms. Traditionally silver, we graphically rendered them into emblems of the

LGBT, European and Amsterdam communities. The identity was instantly recognisable to Amsterdammers, but at the same time open and playful enough to function as a symbol of creativity, diversity and freedom.

Loveboats activation

One of the biggest highlights of EuroPride 2016 is the Canal Parade – a carnival procession on Amsterdam’s historic waterways. To give those unable to attend the opportunity to participate we created an online brand activation called

LoveBoats. Within the mini-site visitors created their own personalised LoveBoat which entered an online gallery or virtual Canal Parade.

Loud and proud!

Working with city transport provider GVB we created the EuroPride branded livery for 50 buses and one very special tram. The visual identity was also applied to

50,000 flyers, 5,500 posters, 2,500 EuroPride Anthem CDs, 5,000 fans, 65,000 Join magazines and 90,000 EuroPride city newspapers. The end result? 560,000 happy visitors.

‘We are so pleased with the EuroPride identity,’ says Lucian Spee, CEO Amsterdam Gay Pride. ‘It seems simple and obvious, but that also makes it so brilliant. It contains everything. In one glance, it communicates exactly what the festival is all about. ’

happy visitors

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