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Nature is the new seduction

Dairy from the Weerribben National Park

With AH Farm Dairy, Albert Heijn goes a step further than 'just organic'. It is a pure and honest product with distinctive intrinsic values. The cows that are responsible for the daily fresh milk, from which the dairy products are made, graze for the greater part of

the year in the Weerribben National Park. We wanted to develop a packaging concept that, using those values, immediately strikes the right chord when you stand in front of the dairy shelf.

Beauty is in the eye on the beholder

Supplier of AH Farm Dairy, Klaas de Lange, puts all his effort into developing sustainable and regional dairy products with respect for animals, climate, nature and people. At the same time, he spreads the word to inform

and educate farmers in emerging countries. The nature reserve Weerribben is surrounded by vulnerable flora and fauna. AH Farm Dairy is produced in a closed chain. What is milked yesterday will be drunk tomorrow!

Embracing authenticity

With the thought: 'A fair and authentic product deserves a similar package', we developed the design concept. With simple pen drawings we brought to life the pure nature of the special nature reserve in which the cows graze. Honest, traditional and unadorned; just like the product itself. With the added special detailing of a bespoke illustration for

each product variant. By choosing an authentic illustration style, the pure character of the product comes to life and distinguishes itself from other dairy brands. The shape of the packaging, a transparent 'vintage' bottle is reminiscent of the milkman bottles from a by gone era, embedding authenticity.

'A fair and authentic product deserves a similar package'

Organic dairy grows
Glasses of milk produced by 1 cow in 1 year
Golden Vertex Award

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