Revealing PostNL’s dynamic heart

Rebranding a Dutch icon

In 2011, PostNL was born out of a demerger between TNT and TNT Express. Today, the company has operations across the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the UK. With its mail, parcel and e-commerce activities, it is arguably the Netherlands’ most visible brand. When PostNL approached us to create a new visual identity, they said speed was of the

essence. With a fast-approaching IPO, we developed and implemented a brand new identity in a matter of months. Working under high speed and strict confidentiality, the new identity was designed to play up PostNL’s Dutch roots. While an international player, in its heart PostNL is truly Dutch.

Bringing the dynamic heart to life

Key to PostNL’s new identity was its explicit focus on service and customer-centricity. As such we created the new identity around a ‘dynamic heart’ logo – an easily recognisable emblem that reinforces its brand message across a vast

ange of corporate and consumer touchpoints. We also emphasised the company’s three most important pillars – mail, parcel and e-commerce – by transforming them into accessible and recognisable icons.

Being near to the customer

Since the rebrand, we have been actively involved in the continuous development of the brand. Most recent examples of this are a re-energised communication style that places the customer at the centre and conveys a more dynamic

PostNL. Also, a new illustration style has been developed with a unique visual signature, aligning print and video animation expressions of the brand.

‘The world around us is changing fast. PostNL has now caught up and our identity was quickly adopted and helped us to get anchored in the Dutch market.’

Sylvia Coumans, PostNL’s manager of brand, marketing and communications.

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