VBAT Blog: Less is More - by Craig Berry

VBAT Blog: Less is More - by Craig Berry


“How can it be that we, in the West–in an era in which our standard of living is higher than ever–are still constantly wanting more? Our smartphones keep us in contact with the world 24 hours a day. The result is constant overstimulation. We are always ‘on’ and we don’t quite know how to manage it. The gratification is fleeting while the emptiness endures.”

This is the question posed by Museum Voorlinden for their recent Less is More exhibition which explores the renewed interest in Minimalist art which developed as a movement in the 1960s as over 50 years later, artists are seizing on Minimalist principles and returning to the essence of things as a new starting point.

VBAT's Craig Berry wrote a review about the story of Abstract Minimalist art.

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