C-WORD TALK: Edson Sabajo on November 21

C-Word Talk #3: Edson Sabajo on November 21


Edson Sabajo is the co-founder of the highly revered Amsterdam streetwear and lifestyle brand Patta. He first made his mark as a leading Hip Hop DJ in the Amsterdam area under the B-Boy Connections banner.

Actively and passionately involved in the local music and streetwear scene, Edson became a long-standing bridge between the two, connecting with like-minded people and brands both domestic and overseas during his various travels around the world. These journeys and contacts, made along the way, provided the foundation for the brand that would later become known as Patta.

Since opening in 2004, as a specialist sneaker importer, Patta now has three stores in Amsterdam, London and Milan as well as launching pop-ups and tours in Tokyo, Seoul and New York.

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