Amstel Radler

Extra refreshment

The Challenge. The challenge was to add a new segment within the existing portfolio. Make beer drinkers consider and consume Amstel Radler at moments when they normally won't choose for beer at first instance. Amstel Radler is the best choice at moments when seeking for extra refreshment,and beer is not naturally the first choice (e.g. after a football game, while relaxing at home, after work, on a terrace).

The Solution. VBAT developed the key visual and packaging for the introduction of Amstel Radler. A natural mix of lager and lemon comes to life on the packaging with a natural taste and easy to drink feeling , for beer lovers who are seeking refreshment. Bold, outspoken and fresh. Amstel Radler, a recipe inspired by a 100 year old tradition extends on the brewing experience of the Amstel brand in line with the portfolio of a quality beer.