The Way We Work


First up, we take a good hard look at where the brand is in relation to its market and competitors. We do this by researching and visualizing the current brand identity and that of competitors and benchmarks. We also define the desired brand position and personality using our Brand Navigator™ tool and visualize this strategy through  a number of scenarios to explore the brand’s possible routes forward.


Next we get our creative engine in gear. We take the strategic objectives defined in the first phase and bring them to life through a blend of strong existing design elements with new visual triggers needed to create a powerful identity. We then put these design elements to work across a range of applications to see if they’re up to the job.


Once the main creative work has been approved, we start developing the tools that are necessary for rolling-out the new identity. This includes for example; guidelines, artwork, photography and production realization.


The evolution of your new brand identity, in all its small manifestations is a big deal to us. We obsess over every little detail when applying new branding to fit each technical specification. After the initial identity has been rolled out, we continue developing specific identity carriers where necessary. This includes for example; a web site, a spatial environment, a corporate campaign, corporate literature and product packaging.

VBAT is respected as Brand Guardian for many clients.

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