We believe that brands are alive. Or, that they should be if you’re doing it right. Since 1984, VBAT have been passionate about giving brands, products and spaces the life force they need to thrive in the marketplace.


As an award-winning brand design agency we've tackled big branding issues for fast moving consumer products, customer services and corporate communications. We add to our clients' thinking by visually bringing to life the potential and possibilities of their brands. This helps fast track decision-making and speedy realisation of their brand's future. Our approach is always to challenge clients with our unique way of working, refined over many years. We call this Refreshing Thinking.

We are the sparring partners that clients hire when they need to make a major step with their brand. We are not just an agency for decorative brand change. We work tirelessly to help clients untangle complicated brand design issues, create workable solutions and craft them into unbeatable end solutions.

We'll help you to nail your brand identity. We'll give you the creative firepower you need to break market codes. We’ll do everything we can to guarantee your brand lives a long and prosperous life.

Now, that's Refreshing.

Come and see us sometime. We're a team of around 60 creative experts based in a former bicycle factory in Amsterdam.

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Brand Navigator™

The Brand Navigator™ is the best way we know to help clients define their unique brand identity. This tool helps senior thinkers to align their ideas and form a consensus on what the brand is and what it aims to become. You'll leave with a watertight brand manifesto and the confidence that everyone is on the same page when it comes to knowing where your brand is headed.

The Brand Navigator™ session takes the form of a one-day workshop comprised of senior decision makers and the senior VBAT brand design team.

We deliver a handy one-page summary, which works as a map for all those steering the brand forward.


Now that you have a visual identity, how do you adapt it for your different target audiences? Our BrandScape™ tool gives clients a way to explore which set of elements in the identity works best for each specific audience without losing synergy across the scope of the brand.

Created by our brand design, strategy and technical experts, this tool is an excellent way of understanding the visual stretch of your identity. In a few stages, you'll see your brand's corporate and promotional communications visualised in one complete overview. It will give you a sense of how your brand talks to its different customers whilst maintaining the same rock solid appearance across all communications.

Also, it's really fun to use.

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