Over 25 years experience creating iconic packaging

Depending on the circumstances, we create packaging solutions that can be evolutionary or radically different. No pack can survive without a good brand story. This story has to be embedded in the packaging design. This can be brought to life as a subtle detail or as the main visual driver. Traditionally pack design stops at the pack. We believe that the brand language, that is also present on pack, should be applicable to other brand carriers. Creating a cohesive brand ‘look’.

Our work covers the following fields

  • Product portfolio management
  • Product re-launches
  • Product development
  • Product packaging
  • Product design
  • Private label
  • Brand extensions
  • Innovation workshops

Other packaging and product design clients include Gamma, D.E Master Blenders 1753, Sol Mexico, Sol International, Friesland Campina (Mona, Vifit, Optimel) and Amstel Pulse


The true taste of home

product design

The challenge was to help Napolact to make the step from a niche player to a master brand in dairy.


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